Blogging challenged!

30 Aug

I started this blog as part of another class in my first year at SJSU, but decided to continue to use it for this class.  I’m still fairly new to blogging.  Mostly because I’m shy and I can never decide what to write.  Or, I feel like what I write won’t be interesting to others.  To continually find things to write about on this blog is going to be a serious challenge for me.  But life is about challenges right?  And blogging is becoming increasingly important in my professional life.  I follow several blogs relating to my professional interests and use them to connect with other emerging professionals.  I also noticed that several of those emerging professionals have their own blogs that serve as resumes.

Recently, I put together a meeting with emerging conservation professionals in my area.  It all started with a blog and ended with a Facebook campaign and a promise to host another meeting in the future.  After reading this weeks articles for LIBR284, I can see that using some of the tools laid out in “21 Ways Non-Profits Can Leverage Social Media” will help me to organize the next meeting.  Blogging and Facebook have actually aided in pushing my professional life forward in allowing me to network with emerging and established professionals in my field.

As requested, here is a blog that I follow: AIC blog.  AIC stands for the American Institute for Conservation.  They are a professional organization for people who work to preserve and restore works of art, personal heirlooms, etc.  I’m specifically interested in works on paper, but I like this blog because it shows what our society feels is worth saving and also how it is preserved for future generations.  Very interesting!

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